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We offer Solutions and Technologies that make Human life and their assets more sustainable. Our solutions and systems are designed to make applications more productive, valuable and sustainable with simplicity in terms of design, functionality and user end implementation.

The idea of sustainable and simplistic innovations!




The Inkless Printer

Realize complete printing freedom with Nink!

  • Our inkless printer prints as long as there is paper and power! No ink, no refills and no spills.

  • No recurring costs, lesser power consumption and long service life make Nink a long term investment

  • Unique Plasma Arc Carburization Technology makes Nink truly inkless without any restriction on the kind of paper usable for printing!

  • The complete process is eco-friendly as no toxic chemicals as traditionally used by ink based printing systems are employed.

  • E-waste generation is minimized as no cartridges need be discarded.


System Operation Authorized Power Box

System Operation Authorized Power Box

  • Modular acts as an intermediate between the electric power source and the equipment, systems and appliances

  • Secure, regulate, authorize user access, audit and manage the facility systems.

  • The modules with central management and authentication Server connected over the facility’s Local Area Network via WiFi or CAT-5 Ethernet.

  • Our SOAP BOX server remotely collects user usage data from the deployed module and monitors authorization, auto on or off and usage in real-time.

  • Sends data on a particular user’s usage hours, experience using the system, power status, real-time energy consumption to the server.

  • Intermediate modules also feature basic safety features such as under-voltage and over-current protection for the hosted system.

  • An All-In-One practical solution for User Access Security, Equipment Management, Energy Management and IoT Power Control System.

  • Ensure user safety, system safe handling, administration accountability, power savings and system protection.

  • The best system to increase the productivity, health, reliability and work practices for the facilities utilizing them.